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Reverse-Osmomis-system PRF-RO
• The reverse osmosis system PRF-RO offers a simple way to prepare pure water for different applications like water dispensers, coffee machines, humidifiers, steamers, etc.
• It is intended for installation under a wash basin, usually in the kitchen or bathroom.
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Umkehrosmose-Anlage PRF-RO

Tower "Totem"
• Ingenious and elegant stainless steel tower
• The entire rear wall can be removed, making installation very easy
• Oval shape => very small space requirement
• Due to the shape of the column, the taps are almost straight forward
• 3-lines (without taps)
• Polished stainless steel with black plastic cover
• Fastening via threaded connector (47 mm) and/or threaded rods
• Dimensionse:   200 x 90 x 463 mm (W/D/H)
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Saeule Totem

Line-cooling "Heatpipe"
• Simple device for adding line-cooling to almost every tower using the heat pipe principle
• The heat in the column is transported down into the counter => so the refrigeration of the counter is actively cooling the beer-lines in the tower
• Large aluminum heat sink
• Including variable mounting plate
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Begleitkuehlung Heatpipe

TM 70 Wipes
• Wipes for disinfecting and cleaning surfaces, production systems and tools in contact with food
• Effective against all types of vegetative bacteria, yeast, fungi and Noroviruses
• Bags of 25 wipes 30 x 20 cm
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TM 70 Wipes

Industrial quality gas preheater
• prevents icing of the reducer by heating the CO2
• double temperature monitoring for continuous operation
• 2 m connection cable with safety plug and LED for "Heating ON"
• Power output:   250 W
• Temperature switch at 50 ± 3ºC and limiter (with manual restart) at 70 ± 5ºC
• Plug:   IP 44 / Housing:   IP 65
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• mobile CO2 gas detector
• Lightweight: only 70g
• Rechargeable battery via USB
• One-button operation
• Fresh air calibration
• Low maintenance costs
• Various alarm configurations
• TWA alert
• Dimensions:   62,6 x 74,4 x 33,3 mm, 70g
• Protection:     IP54
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